We, at the Endo Health GmbH, recognize the value of information and privacy and have therefore implemented an information security management system to control all our efforts towards information security.

Our special focus is on the health data being processed in the Endo-App

The Information security policy applies to all stakeholders of our organization.


  • The responsibility for all information security efforts has been appointed to the Security officer
  • Policies and procedures documents will be kept up to date and made available to all relevant stakeholders
  • Information security awareness training will be provided to all employees
  • Organizational and technical measures will be put into place to protect information assets
  • Procedures will be put into place to correct and prevent any deviations and incidents
  • We comply with all laws and regulations in our jurisdiction
  • To continuously improve ourselves, we review and define new Objectives
  • To provide assurance to our stakeholders, we have been certified according to ISO 27001
    (download ISO 27001 certificate EN / certificate DE)

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