Krankheitsgefühl vor der Periode

Do you know the feeling too? A few days before the days you suddenly feel sick, get a cold, headache and feel tired and powerless. However, after the onset of the period, these symptoms disappear abruptly.

We asked the endocommunity and as the answers to our question story showed, this feeling of sickness just before your period is not that rare:

I also have this and then usually only rest and Ibu helps.

I feel the same way! Unfortunately do not have any tips.

Yes, I always have that too and assume the immune system may be overloaded (have many gut issues).

Yes, unfortunately … rest helps.

Yes, always. Unfortunately, I have not found anything helpful yet.

I also have this almost every month. There’s really not much I can do about it.

And nothing helps anyway. Sit it out and know it’s not really a cold.

Yes, I know that so well. I always think: Close your eyes and get through it.

Not before your period, but before ovulation.

Definitely yes, sleep and drink tea.

I feel the same way. Haven’t found anything that helps yet, other than drinking a lot.

I have too. Do not take anything against it.

Yes, almost always. Rest and give the body what it needs.

As you will now read, the typical cold symptoms do indeed show up in some sufferers. It is also interesting to note that for most of them, however, the discomfort disappears at the latest after the end of the period.

Yes, I also get sore throats, headaches and partial coughs.

Yes, it’s been that way for over 15 years. It is usually a sinus infection or sinusitis.

On the first day always a cold, headache and aching limbs!

The first day I sometimes have chills and flabbiness. Against that, I just sleep.

Oh dear, and aching limbs! I need a lot of rest then.

Check out what tips and tricks some sufferers cite as helping them with these cold symptoms:

My aunt has/had it too; she has been taking Dienogest for six weeks now and the symptoms are better.

Build immune system, vitamin D3 has helped me very well.

Strengthen immune system: Hot lemon with ginger and honey.

I know this, actually rest and immune boosting vitamin C and turmeric helps me.

Yes, taking vitamins diligently helps.

Yeah, got that too. For me, a low histamine diet helps.

Yes, tea, painkillers if necessary. However, passes by itself after a day or two.

I had it quite often when I was a teenager. Then I had a vitamin-rich meal and rested.

Yes. For me, it helps to consciously rest, to downshift everything that works; to consciously fill up on energy.

Definitely, because our immune system shuts down. Vitamin C, D and magnesium.

In fact, endometriosis and its inflammatory foci seem to affect our immune system in such a way that some sufferers feel sick just before their period.

Some of these cold symptoms were also mentioned in our survey, the results of which you can read in our Symptom Explorer. More than 1,700 women who have endometriosis responded to our survey about the most common endometriosis symptoms.

Among the symptoms were cold symptoms, such as chills, freezing, fever, aching limbs, headache, and migraine, but also exhaustion/fatigue.

You wonder what other influencing factors there are? Then download the Endo app directly and benefit from the knowledge of our experts.

Do you also feel sick before or during your period?

What helps you best then and when do the mentioned symptoms disappear again?

Feel free to leave us a comment.

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