Supporting Daily Life with Endometriosis

A Post for Friends and Family of People Affected by the Condition

If you do not personally experience a chronic and painful condition, it can be challenging to comprehend the feelings of those affected. At times, you might find yourself feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

If someone in your family, group of friends, or circle of acquaintances is dealing with endometriosis, you have likely wondered how best to support them. Therefore, we have gathered the critical insights for you from the perspective of those affected:

1. Take Me Seriously

My pain and discomfort are genuine, although they may not be visible. Many individuals with endometriosis endure intense pain that can result in dizziness, nausea, and even fainting. Moreover, migraines, gastrointestinal distress, fatigue, and depression are often intertwined with endometriosis. The pain does not necessarily manifest solely in the abdomen, as endometriosis lesions can appear in various body parts.

2. Just Be There – Sometimes, Your Presence Alone Helps

Your presence can calm me, knowing I’m not alone and that you’re there to assist if needed. Some individuals find solace in physical contact, like a reassuring hug, while others may feel uncomfortable with it during their pain.

However, there are moments when nothing seems to alleviate the discomfort, and I must endure it or wait for the pain to pass. It’s undeniably challenging and can also be unpleasant for you, but your presence means a lot to me.

3. Distract Me

Please remind me of pleasant memories and experiences, like our last vacation or a joyful evening with friends. Watch a movie or my favorite TV show with me, or take a walk if I’m up to it. Gentle exercise can help alleviate pain and divert my attention from it.

4. Be With Me

Due to my medical conditions, I might struggle to leave the house or perform everyday tasks. Accompany me to appointments and doctor visits to ease my anxiety and boost my confidence. On tough days, support me by assisting with household chores, picking up the kids from school, walking the dog, or just being there.

5. Ask Me Directly

Don’t hesitate to ask me directly if you’re unsure about the best way to assist me in a particular situation.

You can inquire about what helped me cope with my discomfort in the past: a hot water bottle, tea, a warm meal, or perhaps a cold one, breathing and relaxation exercises, sleep, yoga, or meditation. Sometimes, pain can cloud our thinking, making it difficult to recall even the simplest remedies. Your question might jog my memory.

6. No One Is to Blame

Endometriosis is unpredictable. I may feel fine today and be capable of handling everything alone or meeting up with friends. However, I can’t foresee how I’ll feel tomorrow. There is a chance I might not have a good day and will need to cancel our plans because I’m unwell. This isn’t your fault nor mine.

Living with a chronic condition usually means I can’t make long-term plans. Unfortunately, endometriosis doesn’t care whether I want to go on vacation, if there’s an upcoming holiday, or if I’ve been invited to a party. I frequently have to reschedule or cancel doctor’s appointments when my symptoms flare up. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to see or spend time with you; quite the opposite. I yearn for a carefree life and the ability to do more with you. However, I have no control over how I feel.

So, please don’t take offense or feel upset when I have to cancel our plans again. Instead, I look forward to a day when I’m feeling better and we can spontaneously enjoy time together.

Weitere Infos über Endometriose und chronische Schmerzen

We recommend visiting our knowledge base for further information on endometriosis and its symptoms. Please proceed to the knowledge base for more details.

How do you support your affected relative or friend on challenging days?
Alternatively, what are the most effective ways for your friends and family to assist you if you are personally affected?

We welcome your suggestions and tips in the comments section.

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