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The Endo-App is an evidence based health app that is desinged to support you in improving your well-being and life-quality with endometriosis and/or adenomyosis.

As endometriosis is a multifaceted and chronic disease, there is no “all-fits-one”-solution. We take this into account! With the Endo-App we created an individualizable companion for you – always with you and ready to hand.

Based on a multimodal therapy approach, the Endo-App guides you through various building blocks of symptom improvement for endometriosis and enables you to take your well-being back into your own hands!

Endometriosis is a complex an chronic health issue. Unfortunately, there is no „all-fits-one“-solution for everybody. This is why the Endo-App basis on an individualizable and multimodal therapy appraoch.

And this is how the multimodal approach works in the app:

Observe. Keep on track by documenting your symptoms, events, influencing factors and treatments in a highly sepcialized Endo-Diary.

Understand. Find out what really helps you and become an expert for your specific challenges through intelligent Diary-Evalutations. Based on this, the Endo-App suggests you with revelant and scientifically based Learning-Modules from different disciplines, e.g. psychology, nutritional science and physiotherapy. In this way, you become more aware of interrelationships and possible courses of action.

Therapize. Don’t be alone with your symptoms and challenges! Based on the Diary-Evaluations, the Endo-App creates an Endo-Plan tailored to you that accompanies you in your everyday life. It includes varied Learning-Modules and interactive Exercises. In addition, you can create an individual SOS-Plan for pain peaks and use your evaluations for consultations with your doctor.

Yes, there is!
In order to be approved as an officially certified medical device in Germany, we conducted (and continue to conduct) two studies. The results of the studies were unequivocal: the quality of life of the Endo-App users improved significantly during a 12-week intervention period. Significant and clinically relevant changes in the various study outcomes were seen in the group using the Endo-App.

Data protection is of course particularly important to us. Data protection was taken into account at every step of the development (privacy-by-design).

However, data protection and IT security are always a hot topic for us and we always keep our security measures up to date.

In addition to complying with legal standards, we also voluntarily operate a data protection and information security management system (ISMS), which is aligned with ISO27001.

A penetration test by a Certified Ethical Hacker confirms the security of the Endo-App.

It’s easy: You can download the Endo-App from an app store (e.g. Google Store or Apple Store).

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