You Are Not at Fault for Your Endometriosis


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You are not to blame for your condition. You are not to blame for your endometriosis. It is not your fault if you occasionally do not feel well. You have not done anything wrong!

Individuals grappling with a challenging illness frequently ponder, “Why me?” or “Am I somehow responsible for my condition?”.

Many individuals with endometriosis share these sentiments. If you have such thoughts, please know they are normal and understandable. It is a natural human inclination to seek causes and reasons for significant events in our lives, providing us with a sense of control and security.

Imagine if your closest friend suddenly ceases all contact with you. It is natural to wonder why. Perhaps she is going through a tough time, and giving her space is the right approach. Alternatively, there might be a misunderstanding that can be resolved through communication. In this scenario, you will likely find an answer to your “why” and can take concrete steps accordingly.

However, when it comes to endometriosis, the situation differs. While scientific research has explored risk factors related to the development and progression of endometriosis, the ultimate causes and comprehensive factors involved in the condition’s onset remain unclear. Furthermore, risk factors provide insights into broader populations but do not shed light on individual cases. Consequently, they cannot explain the condition in a specific individual.

You likely know someone who leads an exceptionally healthy lifestyle but still faces health challenges, while another person with numerous risk factors may remain in good health. Consider how many people you know who consistently adhere to a “perfect” standard of living. The concept of perfection can be subjective and elusive.

In reality, no one can definitively answer the question of “why.” Sometimes, life’s challenges are beyond our control and seem profoundly unfair. Torturing yourself with guilt or endless contemplation about the reasons will not ultimately bring clarity or resolution.

What science can elucidate, however, is that endometriosis is an incredibly intricate condition with no singular cause. It is not as simple as attributing it to one factor like an unhealthy diet or excessive stress. Instead, the development of endometriosis typically involves a combination of various elements working together.

Another question that may arise is: “Why not me?”
Consider that approximately 10% of all women are diagnosed with endometriosis, and many remain undiagnosed. Unfortunately, there is still too little awareness about this condition in public and private conversations.

Many individuals with endometriosis have experienced that when discussing their condition openly, others in their circle confide, “I also have endometriosis, but I never talked about it.” This serves as a reminder that you are not alone in your journey.

It is essential to consciously remind yourself, “I did not do anything wrong! I am not responsible for having endometriosis!” Do not allow those around you to impose feelings of guilt upon you. Often, it is challenging for others to accept the inexplicable, senseless, and uncontrollable nature of your endometriosis diagnosis. They may seek simple solutions, but it is essential to stay true to your experience and feel free to share this video to help raise awareness.

Share your experiences with others and seek support. Shift your focus from the past, which cannot be altered, to the present and the future.

Ask yourself: What can I do for myself right now? What is beneficial for me at this moment?

Distract yourself from overthinking with proactive coping strategies. This can infuse you with fresh courage and motivation.

Have you held yourself responsible for your condition for an extended period?

Share what strategies have been most effective in helping you combat these thoughts.

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