Survey of Medical Specialists on the Endo-App

In an online survey conducted by Endo Health UG, 65 gynecology specialists were interviewed. Firstly, they were asked to evaluate the overall care situation of their patients with endometriosis. The details of this assessment can be found here.

Furthermore, the physicians were questioned about their opinions regarding a smartphone app designed for women with endometriosis. Additionally, they were asked to rate the Endo-App, presented to them through a short video demonstration.

Interestingly, most respondents (61%) found the concept of a general endometriosis app helpful. Many could envision prescribing such an app to their patients. Older male specialists were less enthusiastic about an available endometriosis app, while women of all age groups and younger male physicians held a more positive view. Moreover, both male and female physicians who frequently treated women with endometriosis tended to rate the idea of such an app more favorably.

Comparatively, the presented Endo-App received even higher ratings. Over 70% of the gynecologists considered the Endo-App helpful for women with endometriosis. Most specialists would recommend and prescribe it (75%). Nearly 80% of respondents believed active use of the Endo-App would improve women’s quality of life. Notably, when assessing the Endo-App specifically, age, gender, and experience no longer influenced the ratings.

In general, all features of the Endo-App, including the symptom diary, diary evaluation and analysis, and learning modules related to endometriosis, were deemed helpful by 75% of the respondents. Specialists singled out interactive exercises within the app as the most valuable feature.

Lastly, the gynecologists were asked to identify treatment options for women with endometriosis that they considered helpful. Over 80% of participants deemed multimodal pain management, relaxation exercises, psychological support, and exercise beneficial. Additionally, the majority rated rehabilitation (AHB), symptom diaries, and physical therapy as advantageous.

In conclusion, this study highlights the favorable stance of gynecology specialists towards using an app for the improved management of endometriosis.

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