From the tender age of 12, I grappled with excruciating pain during my menstrual period, often accompanied by heavy bleeding.
Desperate for answers, I turned to my mother, who reassured me this agony was normal – she had experienced it too.

At 15, when my first boyfriend and I decided to become intimate, the pain was almost unbearable. I rationalized it, convinced that such discomfort was par for the course, a belief reinforced by articles in every girl’s magazine. So, we persisted, determined to push through the discomfort.

The pain was particularly intense during deep penetration and specific positions, leading me to suspect that my petite build might be a contributing factor. Amidst these youthful experiences, relationships came and went. A new boyfriend entered my life.

Conversations with my girlfriends highlighted a stark contrast. They spoke of fun and excitement, while for me, intimacy was more of a trial than a pleasure. I felt compelled to engage in sex primarily to satisfy my partner’s desires, with fear and trepidation. Broaching the topic with friends was challenging, further isolating me. Their understanding appeared limited, deepening my struggle.

Eventually, I mustered the courage to discuss my concerns with a gynecologist, who promptly recognized the issue. He referred me to a university hospital, where a laparoscopy confirmed the presence of endometriosis.  The surgical procedure removed the endometriosis foci from the Douglas pouch and pelvic walls.

Initially, post-surgery pain lingered, but it was a different kind of pain. Remarkably, after about four weeks, I found myself nearly pain-free – a truly transformative experience. Months later, I met my husband and experienced joyful intimacy for the first time. It was a revelation!

The endometriosis surgery marked a turning point in my life. Engaging in sports became a newfound source of strength and vitality. Though concerns about the condition’s return linger, my newfound knowledge and tools offer me reassurance.

Today, I am a mother to two precious children and a loving golden retriever. Despite my endometriosis, my dream of motherhood came true, and I am filled with boundless gratitude. My energy and enthusiasm persist, thanks to the success of my endometriosis treatment.

My message to fellow women is clear: seek medical attention early, specifically for this condition. Numerous options and compassionate doctors can make a significant difference in your journey to wellness.

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