Digital Self-Help for Endometriosis

The Endo-App constitutes a digital tool to support women who suffer from endometriosis. The app was created under medical guidance with experts from various disciplines such as physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, psychology as well as complementary medicine.

Studies on the Endo-App have already been able to prove positive effects on the well-being of endometrioses patients. Our next step is to offer the Endo-App internationally for endometriosis patients.

Scientific Evidence

The effectiveness of the Endo-App was investigated in two randomized controlled studies. These studies demonstrated that the quality of life of endometriosis patients could be significantly increased by using the app. In addition, there was an improvement in both physical and psychological symptoms. 

Based on the scientific evidence of the Endo-App, it is now listed as a digital health application (DiGA) in Germany, which means that it is considered a medical device. Endometriosis patients get access to the app by requesting a prescription for the app from their doctor or psychotherapist.

Developed by experts
Tested medical device
Accompanying therapy
Highest level of security

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The Endo-App:
Multimodal (Pain-)Therapy


The Endo-App helps implementing multimodal self-help measures in the daily life of endometriosis patients through various functions such as:

Endo Diary

Symptoms and influencing factors can be logged and evaluated.

Learning Modules

Patient self-management can be improved through expert learning content.

Interactive Exercises

Symptoms can be reduced through interactive exercises.

Endo Plan

Patients are guided through an individual endo plan.


Through intelligent evaluations, patients find out which exercises and methods really help them.

SOS Plan

An individual SOS plan for emergencies can be created.

Advantages at a Glance

Advantages for Patients

  • Cost-free on prescription (in Germany)

    In Germany all health insurances cover the entire costs.

  • Everyday support

    The Endo-App supports your patient in the continuous implementation of a multimodal (pain) therapy through knowledge as well as guideline- and evidence-based exercises.

  • Self-efficacy

    Your patient learns how to deal with the disease better and more confidently through knowledge transfer and reflection on her own symptoms.

Advantages for Doctors

  • No impact on your budget

    (In Germany) Prescribing the Endo-App does not affect your budget – it is budget neutral.

  • Therapy support

    The symptom diary and the intelligent evaluations of the app support you and your patient in finding and implementing a suitable and individual therapy approach.

  • Offer more

    You do not leave your patient alone outside the practice.

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